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Does Your Home-schooler Lack Enthusiam? Ways to Get Them Excited About Learning

By: Krystle Crossman

Children need a little push every now and then to get them motivated and going when it comes to home-schooling. You may need one too! Here are some tips to help you to get your child going and even becoming enthusiastic about starting their work.

1. You need to make the learning fun for them! You don’t have to play games all the time, but throw one in every now and then for them to look forward to. Teach them things about science by taking them on a nature walk or to a museum. There are a lot of ways that you can break the normal book learning traditions and get out to have some fun while getting education in.

2. Some children need a quiet and structured learning environment. If your child needs quiet to focus make sure that you have a set area of the house where you teach and keep to that spot. Have a schedule for them that is followed every day and make sure there are as little interruptions as possible.

3. Other kids like some background noise and being active while they are learning. Some children will retain information better if they have some light music in the background. Do stretches or a little exercise routine in the morning and during breaks so that they can get their energy out.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast that is full of protein and vitamins so they can focus.

5. Recognize the progress that they are making every day.

6. Make reading an everyday occurrence. Let them read to you or you can read to them.

7. Use rewards to help them learn. Have a sticker chart of a surprise of their favorite meal at the end of the week if they have done all of the work required.

8. Set goals that are appropriate for their learning style and age and make sure that the goal that you set for them are attainable.

9. Make learning about what they want to learn. If your child is interested in a particular subject, focus more on that so that they will be excited to learn.

10. Don’t forget field trips! Go to a farm to see how the farming process works. Visit an aquarium or a zoo to learn all about animals. You can even go to places like the park and learn about nature.

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