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5 Yr Old Spends Whole Day At Wrong School After Getting On Wrong Bus

By: Krystle Crossman

When you send your child off to school you expect that they are going to get on the bus, go to school, and then come home from school. This is how one Schenectady, NY mother thought her daughter’s day was going to go when she got on the bus in the morning. However when she did not get off the bus in the afternoon the mother knew something was wrong.

The 5 year old kindergarten student boarded her bus but she boarded the wrong one in the morning. This started a chain reaction of innocent mistakes that lead to her being in the wrong school all day. The driver of the bus that she had climbed aboard was a substitute so they did not realize that she was not supposed to be on that bus. She was driven to a school that she does not normally go to. She went inside with the other students.

In a strange coincidence the teacher was expecting a new first grade student that day. She asked the little girl if that was her. Being confused the little girl said yes and then spent the whole day being called this other student’s name. Once the school day was over the mother called, frantic because her child had not gotten off of the bus. The school said that they located the girl shortly after her mother had called.

In light of this recent incident, the school district said that they are going to look over their policies for boarding the buses and the new student policies. It was a strange series of accidents that happened but if that little girl had gotten off of the bus in the wrong place, who knows what could have happened to her.

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One thought on “5 Yr Old Spends Whole Day At Wrong School After Getting On Wrong Bus

  1. A. G.

    Did they not have a monitor on this school bus? If not, they should have. Most schools from kindergarten to sixth grade have monitors who learn all of the children on the bus. This was a horrible situation, where was the new girl that was suppose to start in this class? A lot of unanswered questions!


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