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Bill Gates Tells Teachers To Support Controversial “Common Core”

By: Krystle Crossman

Bill Gates spoke at a conference in Washington DC about the Common Core and why it should be saved. If you have never heard of the Common Core it is a set of standards that focus more on teaching students in depth knowledge as opposed to trying to learn as much as they can. They will get deeper into what they are learning to fully understand what it is they are learning. For example, in English class they would read non-fiction books so that they can go over the text and understand the deeper meaning and how they may relate to it in real life. In math they will concentrate on how to demonstrate that they know how to effectively get to the answer, not on memorizing a certain equation.

A recent poll by the group Achieve showed that almost two-thirds of Americans had never heard anything about the Core. Gates says that the educational system is not challenging kids enough in the schools or making them go as in depth as they should and it is not effectively preparing them for how they are going to be learning once they are in college. One teacher that was part of the group that Gates has pulled together said that she had a top student that she felt was extremely ready for college but it turned out he was not and ended up dropping out. This happens to a lot of the top students when they attend college.

There are some states that are trying to get rid of the Core altogether. In Indiana they passed a bill that said that the teachers and schools could set their own standards. There have been other states that have tried implementing the Core but they are not doing enough research before doing it and the implementations have been messy which is not helping at all. Gates says everything needs to be solid and consistent but once it is the students will be so much better off.

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