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Do Tough Teachers Get The Best Results

By: Krystle Crossman

There is always that one teacher that you feel is making your entire educational experience miserable. They are tough, they are crass, and you think they are just plain mean. But in the end, didn’t it make you work just a little harder? Did you not learn more in that class than you did in others? Here are some reasons why tough teachers could be the best thing for your child’s education:

1. Kids need to know that failure is an option in life. We are so afraid that our children failing at something will scar them for life but studies have shown that it makes them stronger and more resilient.

2. No pain, no gain. Painful critiques are the mark of a good instructor. It may seem like it is killing any self-esteem that your child has, but it is actually making them work hard to correct what needs to be corrected and as time goes on they will learn to self-critique.

3. Having moderate stress when you are younger will make you more resilient. A study was conducted where there were two groups of undergrads. One group had students that had just experienced a stressful event such as a death in the family or divorce. The other group was not under this kind of stress. They all had their hands put in a bowl of ice water and those who were stressed had less pain than the ones who weren’t.

4. Creativity is not just something you are born with it is something you can learn with discipline. You need to be around discipline often in order to learn the discipline that it takes to get to your fullest creative potential.

5. Rote learning is far more helpful that people may think. It’s all about memorization and doing things repeatedly. It may seem boring and tedious, but it will help you to get to higher levels of education.

6. Praise can actually make you weaker. If you are praised all of the time you will stop trying to go up another notch or work towards a harder goal.

7. Teachers who are strict will make you work much harder than those who coddle. If there is a research paper to be written, a strict teacher will insist upon perfect formatting, citations, and research where a more lax teacher will comment on the mistakes but still accept the paper. The more you learn from your mistakes and learn that things cannot be finished until they are right is a great motivator believe it or not.

8. There is talent and then there is determination. Being passionate and determined is going to get your farther than just pure talent alone. A strict teacher will help you to be that person.

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