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What Successful Home-School Parents Say About Life After Graduation

By: Krystle Crossman

Some of the most invaluable information that you can get as a home-school parent is advice from other parents who home-schooled their children. They have been through the process and know what it takes to make the educational experience at home as successful as it can be. Here is some advice that parents gave after a survey from the PA Homeschoolers.

– While your children are still learning high school level stuff at home, have them take a few courses at the local community college as well. The tuition is cheaper, it is good for transfer credits, and it is a huge confidence booster as home-school kids usually do really well in these courses.

– Get them interested in looking for a career while still in high school. Find apprenticeships if you can to help them gain experience.

– Make your main focus writing, math, and reading so that they are prepared for what they will encounter at college.

– Make the graduation a big deal, just as you would with someone that attends school. They want to see that their hard work and accomplishments have paid off!

Many parents suggest finding an apprenticeship when they are still in their sophomore year so that they can gain as much experience as they can, especially if they do not plan on going to college. Make sure that they realize the value of volunteering their time. Other parents suggested not pushing college before your home-schooler is ready. You need to make sure that they are ready to head to college and that they will be going for a clear purpose. If they don’t have a specific career path in mind, let them figure that out for a year or so. Making them go to college earlier in life will also push them into being an adult earlier and can rob them of some of their best years.

Home-schoolers tend to do really well in college and in the workforce after they graduate because their parents were able to teach them real-life skills which are often rushed over or forgotten in public schools. They will feel more prepared due to their parents taking the time to figure out what the best teaching method is for them to retain the information.

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