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Overcoming Home-school Fears and Stereotypes

By: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever thought about home-schooling but then decided against it? What were some of your reasons for keeping your children in public school? They were probably the same fears that hold so many other parents back from making the leap to home-schooling. Some of the most common stereotypes of home-schooling are:

– My kids won’t be able to socialize
– I won’t have the patience
– I am not organized enough
– I want to be able to work
– I will have no friends

These are just a few of the reasons that parents are hesitant about home-schooling their children. Here are a few things that you should consider if you are thinking about teaching your children at home:

1. There are families out there that are proving these stereotypes to be incorrect. There are mothers that have full time jobs and teach their children at home. There are parents who have children that are into team sports with other children and have friends. There are parents that have the most disorganized workspace but it works for them. Don’t be afraid that you are going to follow along with the stereotype. Work hard to break it.

2. People still don’t know much about home-schooling even though it is far more popular and more advanced than it was decades ago so the old stereotypes still exist. Home-school is what you want to make of it. If you want your children to succeed, they will as long as you open yourself up to new ideas and don’t fear the stereotypes.

3. There is nothing solid with home-schooling. It is all dependent on the family, their dynamic, and the learning styles of the children. You decide how your lessons are going to go and while they may not be exactly like other home-school parents, that is what makes them great. Home-schooling is a community that is made up of different families and different backgrounds.

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