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Meet Chris Emdin: The Professor From the Bronx Using Rap Music To Teach Science

By: Krystle Crossman

A professor at Columbia University is taking education to a whole new level. Chris Emdin, a Bronx native and former high school teacher, is getting a project off the ground called “The Science Genius Project”. The basis of the project is that he uses rap music to help his students retain information.

Emdin began the project and has had a little help from the Wu Tang Clan rapper Gza, a big name in the rap music scene. The Department of Education has backed this project. Emdin has been able to spread the message of learning science through rap music to 20 different schools in the area. Due to the success of the project he has been recognized by the White House and given an award.

One of the first lessons with rap that Professor Emdin implemented was a rap battle between the classes about science. He says that it is really hard to get kids who are not great in school to like learning, especially in a tougher subject like science. During an interview on a local news show called “Best of the Bronx” a student said that he didn’t really like science before but now that they are including rap in the class it may be one of his best and his favorite subjects.

Emdin would have the students come up with raps about different scientific processes such as cell mutations. They would learn what words rhyme and would also learn about the steps in the mutation process by putting them in order while writing the rap song. Emdin hopes to send this message to every school in the city or even farther.

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6 thoughts on “Meet Chris Emdin: The Professor From the Bronx Using Rap Music To Teach Science

  1. Aisha

    Great Idea, I applaud you for inspiring our students. Al Hajji Malik Shabazz, Malcom X said we have to use the language that the people understand.

    • Devon

      We speak English. Black kids should LEARN in the standard English. And yall wonder why black kids act so dayum stupid, we treat em like theyre stupid and let these teachers treat them like theyre stupid. Bet this nigga wouldnt teach Jewish or white or any other race of kids in rap. Is the school gonna get short yellow buses to take them back and forth to school too???

  2. Devon

    This sheit is embarrassing. So black kids can’t learn like other kids so teachers gotta RAP their lessons to them, only black kids are treated like fucking retards, and grown azz retards sit back, clap and and do that “Sherman Sherman Sherman Sherman” sheit. I bet you nowhere in this country are other races of kids being taught their work thru rappint and no parent of other races of kids except the parents of black kids, would accept this nigga bullsheit. Only us, just damn.

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