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The Danger of Extreme Home-school Ignorance

By: Krystle Crossman

A Mississippi home-school mother found herself in a battle with a social worker when someone filed a report against her stating that her child was being educationally neglected and that she was not complying with the state standards that were set out for the state of Mississippi.

The social worker came to her house to check on her 12 year old. It had been reported that she was not complying with the attendance policy and the social worker demanded to see proof that the mother was complying. A certificate of enrollment in a home-school program from the school was given to the social worker. This is a form that is to be filled out and filed with the school by law. The social worker then asked for even more proof of attendance compliance and so the mother gave her the Verification of Compliance form that was given to her by the Mississippi Department of Education. It is a form that is filled out by an attendance officer that states that the child is in compliance with the laws that are set out for them.

Still this was not enough for the social worker. She came back and asked for more proof that the child’s needs were being met. The mother showed her the grades and assignments from all of the child’s different subjects and grade years. The social worker still refused to close the case and asked for even more information. When the mother failed to immediately find any more proof the social worker stated that she would be submitting a request for her to be sent to court over this. The mother didn’t know what to do so she asked for help from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

After looking at everything the mother had given to the social worker the HSLDA called and said that this was enough information as required by law to close the case and in fact the mother had given her even more than she was legally required to. A month went by and no one heard from the social worker in response to this. The HSLDA wrote a letter to the Attorney General who had called back and said that they had looked over the facts and were dismissing the case. All of this hassle happened because someone didn’t take the time to educate themselves on home-schooling practices and decided that filing a report on someone was better than checking into it themselves.

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