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Home-schooling Black Kids Closes 30% Racial Gap in Education

By: Krystle Crossman

When you hear about statistics of black children in schools you only hear the bad ones. You may hear that the test scores are far lower than they should be and the dropout rate is far higher than it should be. But what you don’t often hear about are the black students who are home-schooled. They are outperforming their public school counterparts but no one ever hears about the good statistics on things like this.

On average black students who are home-schooled test at 82% for reading and 77% for math which is almost twice what their public school counterparts are scoring. You also don’t see many of the statistics of the racial gap scores when speaking about black children who are home-schooled. In the schools themselves there is a 30% test score gap between white children and black children. But when they are taught at home the gap all but disappears except for a small 5% gap in math scores.

How is it that they are doing so much better when being taught at home? It is simple really. They are being given high expectations when it comes to learning and they are also shown love from their teacher. When students feel like they matter and know what expectations they have set out for them, they will do far better than sitting in a classroom. It is not often considered in schools that a student needs to feel loved and respected or else he or she will not learn anything.

Another helpful factor for black students at home is the fact that their parents have the time to listen to them and answer any questions that they have. They also have the advantage of learning values and life skills from their parents.

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