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State Of Indiana Says NO To Common Core Standards

By: Krystle Crossman

On Monday, the state of the Indiana was the first of the 45 states that implemented the program to get rid of the Common Core standards. Some people are wondering if they are still using the standards that are set out but just dropping name. Governor Mike Pence states that he thinks the decisions for education should be made at the local and state levels as opposed to a national level and feels that this is a better approach for the students.

The State Board of Education will now be drawing up the standards for the students in the state of Indiana. The Governor is hoping that other states will see the example that they are setting and follow along. He says that they are calling on parents, educators, and citizens to develop their new guidelines as opposed to going with a set of standards that are supposed to be “one-size-fits-all”.

Indiana is the first state to withdraw from the Common Core but it looks like they certainly will not be the last. Oklahoma already has a favorable vote to adopt its own standards as well. Indiana implemented the Common Core in 2010 under the leadership of Superintendent Tony Bennett who was turned out of office in 2012 due to anger over the adoption of the standards.

The interesting part about all of this is that the standards that were being used in Indiana before the Common Core implementation were very similar to the Common Core. Sandra Stotsky who is a professor at the University of Arkansas said that the new standards that Indiana is trying to adopt are a “warmed up” version of the Common Core guidelines. The state will still need to meet national education standards in order to keep the funding for the schools.

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