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What Parents Can Do When Kids Complain About School Work

By: Krystle Crossman

Kids will always complain about their schoolwork. It is a fact of life. How you handle their complaints can make the difference between continued complaints or a better attitude towards the work that they have to do.

Younger kids have a hard time sitting still. Even when you are in a home-school environment it may be hard to get them to focus, sometimes even harder because they know that there are electronics and toys close by. This can make even the most studious of children ready to bolt. However there are some things that you can do to help alleviate the boredom of school while still educating them.

There are fun games and educational movies that you can incorporate into school time so that they think that you are not teaching them when you really are. Have them watch a movie while you are learning about science that will show them how animals fight in the wild, or how dolphins interact with each other. If you are trying to teach them math, have them play a game that incorporates numbers and adding.

You can also use a reward system such as a coupon for computer time if they finish their assignment that they are given. This will give them incentive to get the work done. Make sure they understand that it must be done correctly in order for them to earn the computer time so that they don’t just rush through without really doing the work. You can also have them sit through an assignment for ten or so minutes and then when they are done let them get up and run around for a few minutes before getting them calmed down again for more work. Kids are not built to sit and concentrate on one thing for hours at a time so work active time into your home-schooling.

Break up the day and give them plenty of pep talks throughout and soon you will hear less and less complaints about the work that they have to do and may even see that they begin to enjoy it.

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