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What The Bullies at P.E. Could Be Doing To Your Kids

By: Krystle Crossman

It is inevitable that children in gym class are going to be bullied. Children can be cruel, especially when another child is not exactly athletically inclined. This bullying can actually lead to a lifetime of stress about exercising and could prevent the bullied child from doing it. Brigham and Young University conducted a study that showed that kids that were teased because they were overweight had lower academic functioning, lower self-esteem, and emotional issues within the next year of schooling.

There were 108 fourth and fifth grade students that were a part of the study. At the beginning of the study they were asked to answer three different surveys. The first one asked about their emotional well-being, health problems, how they got along with other students, and their academic proficiency. The second survey asked about getting bullied while playing sports in gym or exercising. The last one asked for specific situations where they had been bullied while doing some sort of physical activity.

After this first round of surveys was completed, they answered the same surveys one year later. They found out from the answers that the students had provided that the overweight children showed a definite decrease in their quality of life when it came to their health. The kids that were healthy and were teased showed a small slide in how much they exercised, but did not show any decrease in their overall health. Brigham and Young University is hoping that with studies like this they can help to raise awareness about bullying in gym classes all over the country. They want to help educators spot the signs of a child that is being bullied and do what they can to stop it in an effort to help kids live healthier and happier lives.

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