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A New Approach To Home-school Math

By: Krystle Crossman

Math can be an extremely frustrating subject for the student and the teacher. This is especially true when home-schooling. You may hear them ask when they are ever going to use math and why do they have to learn percentages and formulas? If this is a daily struggle that you find yourself in, home-school mentor Oliver DeMille has three suggestions to help.

When you are going shopping or filling your car with gas, there is a math lesson that can be taught. Show your child examples of how math is used every single day. When you are getting gas, tell them that you want to get 9 gallons of gas and to take the price per gallon and see how much you are going to spend. If you keep track of your mileage you can show them how to figure out the miles per gallon using division. When you are in a store at a clearance rack you can show your child how you figure out what the final price will be by figuring out how much that 30% off amounts to. These are great ways to show them that math is very applicable in everyday life.

Another approach is to study some of the famous mathematicians such as Archimedes and Sir Isaac Newton. They have very interesting back stories and not only will you get your child more excited about math, but about history at the same time. Isaac Newton was one of the most influential mathematicians of his time with his theories about gravity. Archimedes was known for creating machines that could set ships in the water on fire.

The final approach that DeMille suggests is to have them play games that include finances and need math skills such as Cashflow, Monopoly, or Life. They are having fun playing board games and won’t even realize that they are actually learning math at the same time while having to count out money and properties.

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