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Should Coding Be Added to Elementary Schools’ Curriculum?

By: Krystle Crossman

It is all about technology and how it can entertain us these days. We have iPads, tablets, smartphones, computers, and video game systems that people just seem to be addicted to. With that in mind countries around the world are giving their kids a head start into the future of technology by getting them into computer programming (Coding) early on in life. They say that this will help them once they are out in the real world and are looking for a job. New technology is always being developed so it is a great field to get into.

In London they had a course in the elementary school where they would teach the kids how to make their own computer games. Soon they will have their curriculum updated so that all kids are shown coding at one point or another starting when they are five years old. The countries that are teaching coding to their students say that it is not only important for the development of the student but is important for the country too. Important discoveries and technological advances can come from someone that was taught coding that can give their country a major technological advantage over other countries.

Coding is a very creative experience and by teaching kids this at an early age it helps them to express that creativity in another way as opposed to drawing or painting. It is also helping to reduce the number of people that are called “nerds” or “geeks” for knowing how to build a computer program. It can start out as something small such as learning how to program a maze game and from there the creativity can begin to flow. They could end up inventing the next big game on phones and tablets everywhere. Mastering coding early on can give kids a huge advantage in life. Parents are getting involved too as they try to find computer science classes and robotics classes for their children to help them develop the skills that they are learning in school.

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2 thoughts on “Should Coding Be Added to Elementary Schools’ Curriculum?

  1. Michelle

    Computer programming or coding is a great idea for young children. There aren’t many Blacks in this area. Career possibilities would open up.

  2. Adebayo Komolafe

    Good afternoon, Black Home School.

    My organization is planning for a weekend of code with kids and we will like to use one of the pictures we found on your site for our flyer.

    Can we go on please?



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