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Home-schoolers Don’t Have To Stay Home

By: Krystle Crossman

Just because you are home-schooling your children does not mean that you need to be chained to the dining room table during school hours. One mom decided that she was going to take their learning out on the road to a museum. It was the perfect place for her kids to learn about a specific topic and had plenty of resources. She then had an idea that sparked a whole new way to home-school.

Lenora Todaro decided that her boys would do well learning about the medieval history. She wanted them to learn all about knights and the architecture of the time. So she collaborated with the New York Center for Architecture and got the word out to other home-school parents and developed a class at the center where the kids could learn about the architecture and build a scale model of a medieval city. The museum said that they could come during off peak hours so that there were not as many others at the museum and they could concentrate on the lesson. This is now being done in museums all over the country. Home-school parents can bring their kids to a class at the museum that is run by home-school parents.

Some of the museums want a more structured environment where the kids learn in a classroom format with raising their hands and directed learning from one of the home-school parents. Others allow hands-on learning with materials that can be found at the museums. This is one of the challenges that is presented as some parents are against this type of learning. Another challenge is for people that cannot afford the museum admission prices all of the time.

Despite the challenges this is a great way to get the kids out of the house, interacting with other kids, and offers a unique way to learn about different subjects. They may learn far more in this setting than reading a book at home.

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