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Study Says Home-schoolers More Tolerant Of Political Differences

By: Krystle Crossman

There are people who criticize home-schooling. They think that it doesn’t allow children to integrate into society as they should or give them the education that they need. There are also those that think that they are not given the proper lessons on civic duties when it comes to politics. One study found out that this actually was very much the opposite.

Albert Cheng is a scholar that recently published a study about how home-schooled children are actually much more tolerant of different political parties than those taught in a public school setting. The study focused on college students and their political views. They were given a questionnaire to answer. They were given a list of the different political parties such as Democrat, Republicans, gay rights activists, or animal rights activists. They were then asked to choose which of these political parties would be the one that they were opposed to the most.

After they chose the opposing party they were asked the question as to whether they would help that party out if the need arose. Could they settle their political believes and help out the other party or would they turn them away for not being affiliated with the political party that they identify with. Some of the scenarios given were about tapping the phones of the other party, allowing people in the other party to live in their neighborhood, and taking books that are written by the opposed party out of the public libraries.

The study ended up finding that the students that had the most access to home-schooling in their childhood were a lot more tolerant of the other groups than the kids that went to public schools. Is this because the parents are not forcing an affiliation on their children or are they not teaching them at all?

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