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Why You Should Stop Turning Your Kids’ Lives Into a Fairytale

By: Krystle Crossman

As parents we are always told that we should not let our children watch television or play video games. We are faced with images of stay at home mothers that are sitting around the table playing endless amounts of board games and covering their kitchen tables with arts and crafts projects. Is that real life? In most cases, no it is not. With the economy the way that it is who has time to do all of that? Most families have parents that work multiple jobs to try and put a roof over their heads and food on the table. Hundreds of dollars in craft supplies is the last thing on their minds. Author Bunmi Laditan says that she is done trying to make her children’s lives like a magical fairy tale and is bringing them back to reality.

Laditan says that throwing extravagant parties that her kids will probably never remember is not for her. When you look back at your childhood, did you spend endless amounts of time with your parents making art projects? Laditan said that she doesn’t remember doing any of that with her parents. She remembers going outside to play on nice days and when she was inside went to play in her room or watch TV and play video games. She came out just fine as did so many others who had the same type of childhood.

Kids are creative and imaginative. They can make their lives magical all on their own. They don’t need to have hundreds of dollars thrown at them or giant lavish parties. They just need to have creative outlets. Unfortunately back when most of us were kids it was a lot safer to send kids out to play in the yard by themselves for hours on end than it is now. There is more housework to do, more bills to pay, less money to play with so the reality is that kids are staying inside more and spending more time being independent. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that.

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