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How Obsessively Playing Video Games May be Helping Your Child

By: Krystle Crossman

All parents want their kids to go outside and play to get exercise, but when that is not possible, what else is there to do in the home? Many parents want to limit the amount of time a child has in front of electronics, but obsessive video game play may actually be beneficial says writer Penelope Trunk. Here are some reasons why:

1. Kids can’t get the same sense of accomplishment in one easy spot anywhere else. Every time they move up to a new level or beat a new villain they are given an instant sense of gratification and confidence that they are great at something. They don’t always get this from sports because they do not always excel at them and it takes a long time for them to become great at it. Video games can be mastered relatively quickly.

2. Video games are not like watching TV because they are interactive and actually make a child think about what they are doing. They help them learn to problem-solve and figure things out on their own. Any child can zone out in front of a television for hours but it takes cognitive skills to be able to play a video game.

3. Wired magazine has said that people who are obsessed with playing video games are actually developing their brains to multitask, gain excellent hand/eye coordination, quick reactions times, and great problem solving skills.

4. The higher the stakes of the game, the more educational it is according to the Wall Street Journal. They say that the more that is at risk if you fail in the game the more you will learn. For example the person playing the game will learn self-control instead of barreling into a level full speed. They will also learn to think ahead and to problem-solve very quickly.

Of course not all video games are good. The violent ones have a tendency to actually induce depression in younger boys. You can still regulate how violent the games that they play are, but maybe loosen the reigns a little when it comes to how much they play.

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One thought on “How Obsessively Playing Video Games May be Helping Your Child

  1. marcus davis

    This article is retarded ,how can your kids endlessly playing video games enhance their thinking capabilities? Most kids I talk to that are forever playing computor games day in day out, their brains are like mush .Why don’t parents buy their kids a musical instrument and have them learn to master that instead of xbox or playstation.Not only is learning to play an instrument more intellectually stimulating but it also builds character.More so than computer games.


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