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Games To Educate and Entertain: Five of the Best Educational Apps

There are some parents who feel that electronics have no place in the “classroom” when home-schooling but there are other parents that feel there is a lot to be benefited by technology and aren’t sure where to start. If you are looking to incorporate an iPad or tablet for a short amount of time into your lessons here is a list of some great educational games:

1. Write it Versus!: This game has the player write a story. The story can be one that they write on their own or they collaborate with another person who is playing the game also to create something even bigger. It gets their creative juices flowing and helps them to learn the English language and proper grammar as well as proper structure when writing a story. When they are done with their story they can share it with their friends on Facebook (if they are older) and they can also turn it into a PDF.

2. Spell Pop: This addictive game has players popping balloons with letters on them to spell words. The words on the list can either be automatic from the game or can be entered by the parent. It is a great way to practice spelling and hand-eye coordination.

3. Amazing Alex HD: Kids will have a lot of fun with this app. They are in a room that is filled with objects. There is a goal in each room that they must achieve using only the objects in that room. It is excellent for developing problem-solving skills.

4. Math Ninja: Kids are taken on a journey as a ninja that is fighting the “bad guys”. In order to defeat their enemies they must solve math problems. The problems get harder as the quest goes on.

5. NineGaps: This is a very comprehensive math game. The players must fill in the empty squares with numbers but must also match the math equations that are in the middle of those squares with the other numbers they are filling in around it.

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