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Have Standardized Tests Taken Over Education? These Teachers Say It Has

By: Krystle Crossman

Students all over the country dread the SATs, the MCATs, and any other standardized test that the schools feel that they need to take in order to be successful. But are these tests really helping our students? Many teachers say that no, they are not helping. They feel that they have taken over education completely and now some teachers are joining in the fight to do away with standardized tests.

Teachers that were part of a study conducted at a Queens public school said that the students were so stressed and overwhelmed by the cramming that they felt they needed to do to do well on the tests that it was taking away from their education in class. Every fall they have the incoming sixth graders write about what their fears are about middle school and what their hopes are. Over one third of the students said that the thing that they feared the most was failing the state tests. Out of all of the things that they were worried about in middle school, 35% were most afraid of the testing.

It is no wonder the students are stressed as they undergo 18 days of standardized testing. They have three days of English testing and three days of math testing that is put on by the state. They then have four days of new tests that the city has put out that covers English and math. This is followed by eight days of testing in science, English, social studies, and math. The latter of the tests is designed to see how well the teachers are doing.

A group of the teachers wrote a letter of protest, not against testing itself, but against the standardized testing and the amount of testing. The letter has been published in several places including the Washington Post. They are all taking a stand and teaching what they feel is educationally necessary to teach, not what they think needs to be taught for the tests.


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