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Teaching a Second Language in Home-schooling is Not as Hard as it Seems

By: Krystle Crossman

Many children learn a second language in school, or at least take a few classes to learn the foundations for another language. But what about when they are home-schooled? Unless the parents know another language fluently, is this even possible? While your child may not become fluent in a language that you yourself do not know fluently it is still a great idea to incorporate it into your lessons for home-schooling.

First, let’s start with why learning another language is beneficial. If you would like to travel to another country, you will at least know some conversational phrases to help you get around. When your child becomes older and meets diverse groups of people they may be able to communicate better with those who may not speak much English. People who are bilingual can earn more money than those who are not. These are just a few of the reasons that learning a second language is beneficial not only to your child but to you as well.

So if you are not fluent in another language, how do you go about teaching it? Incorporate the language into your life in bits and pieces. Do your children have a favorite movie that they watch over and over again? Do they know all of the words in a particular scene? This is a perfect opportunity to show them another language. Select the dubbed version of their favorite film in whichever language you choose and then watch a few of their favorite parts with them. Do this a few times so that they begin to get a sense of what is being said and what it means. You can also use flashcards that have basic phrases on them. While they are learning, you are as well! There are many different types of programs available such as Rosetta Stone that can help when your children are older.

It is not hard to teach the basics of another language even if you don’t know it. Your children will thank you for it later in life!

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