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How The Stress levels Of American Teachers Impacts Our Children

By: Krystle Crossman

Teaching children is a very stressful job. When a teacher becomes stressed and overwhelmed it is reflected in how they teach the students in their classes. It also radiates to the other teachers that they work with, causing a domino effect in the education of the other teachers’ students. Gallup conducted a poll and found that in 2012 70% of teachers from grades K through 12 said that they were not feeling very engaged with their jobs.

Out of the teachers that were studied almost half of them said that they were stressed out on a daily basis. There were other professions that were studied and out of the 13 professions that were looked at teachers had the lowest likelihood of saying that they felt like what they said at work and that the opinions that they gave out didn’t seem to matter much. That is a horrible feeling when you are working so hard to give out great ideas.

Even though almost everyone feels like they are not engaged enough at one point or another in their job most of the time it does not directly affect anyone but themselves. With teachers the students are affected in a big way. The teacher will feel less motivated to give thorough answers or go in depth with a lesson. They may be less interested in teaching through experiments and intriguing lessons. This can have a huge impact on how much the students learn and what they take away from the class.

When the students were surveyed about their feelings about school some said that they had that one teacher that really got them excited about school. These students were 30 times more likely to feel engaged in their classes than students who didn’t report having this kind of teacher. The disengaged feelings grew worse as they got older.

Countries such as Finland are showing that this can be improved upon. They have turned teaching into a much more professional atmosphere where the teachers are respected and listened to. It is less stressful for the teachers and that lack of stress shows in the test scores that come from the students. The Gallup report says that more intense background checks and more requirements to be a teacher should be a part of the application process so that you have a more professional atmosphere at the school and the teachers and students will become more likely to be engaged in the classrooms.

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One thought on “How The Stress levels Of American Teachers Impacts Our Children

  1. F Walker

    Unfortunately teaching has become just another job for many employed in the profession and a default career choice when one cannot obtain work in their degree field of study. Education is rapidly on the decline in the USA. A lot of black teachers fall into this category unfortunately.


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