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Is Your School District Open To Partial Home-schooling?

By: Krystle Crossman

While most home-school parents prefer to be full time teachers, there are some that like to do it part time and either teach their child all of the core subjects and let them go to a public school for a more specific class, or they will teach them in the subject that they are the most interested in and leave the rest up to the school. If this works for yourself and your family it is a great way to give your kids a well-rounded education. The problem is that not many schools are open to part time home-schooling just yet.

New York mother Victoria van der Laan had her child enrolled in school full time but she was worried about the fact that her daughter seemed to be falling behind in reading and math. She found a charter school and enrolled her child part-time into the school and then taught her part-time from home. She is at home two days of the week and at the school for three. Van der Laan says the experience has been very positive and very helpful with the lag in the two subjects. She says that it is easier because she is only focusing on helping her daughter with those two subjects instead of having to be her teacher for everything. This takes some of the stress off for the both of them and makes for a more enjoyable learning experience.

A representative of the Home School Legal Defense Association says that where you live makes a huge difference in whether you can teach your child part-time at home or not. The school systems must be very flexible for this type of schedule. Some of the schools do not allow students to attend part-time because they do not get any funding for them. Part-time home-schooling is definitely not for every family but if you think that it is something that would be beneficial to your child, check around and see if the schools in your district offer that option.


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