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Washington Camp Hosts Program for Home-school Students

By: Krystle Crossman

Camp Seymour in Gig Harbor, Washington is no ordinary camp. It is run by the YMCA but once a month it hosts a program that caters exclusively to children who are home-schooled. The parents drop their kids off at the camp and the fun and learning begins.

While the kids are at the camp they are taken on adventures and are taught all kinds of different things. They learn about nature while they go for hikes on the trails. They learn about science while they are inspecting the different ecosystems that they may find. The instructors take them on canoe rides to teach them about teamwork. They hold arts and crafts sessions. They play games and host activities that will teach the kids how to follow the rules and play well with others.

Sometimes they will have the kids get together in groups and make presentations about the things that they have learned while they are at the camp. One of the counselors said that a little boy got up to give a presentation and said that he was nervous. Instead of being met with cruel taunts or laughter, the rest of the kids applauded him. It is an atmosphere where kids do not have to be ashamed or scared because they are with others who are just like them.

Even though it is a program that is geared toward home-school children there is still a bit of the “school experience” mixed in. The kids still have to wait in line for their lunches, scramble to find a seat at the lunch tables, and still have to work in groups on educational projects. It is a great program that helps parents supplement what they are doing at home and the kids really enjoy it.

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