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Highest Percentage of Blacks Accepted To Study at Harvard

By: Krystle Crossman

Harvard University has begun sending out their letters of acceptance for the Class of 2018. The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education states that for the upcoming Fall semester Harvard has accepted a record number of black students. They stated that 11.9% of the incoming class will be black which is the highest percentage that the Ivy League school has ever accepted. Out of over 34,000 applicants they only accepted 2,023 students. The journal estimates that 170 of those incoming students will be black.

You may be thinking that the number of students accepted out of the number that applied is low but this is actually the norm for top schools. They general only accept five to ten percent of the students that apply. Williams College is the number one liberal arts college in the country and they have also accepted a record high number of black students. They will be bringing in 165 black students. Overall they have 14.3% black students out of the students admitted to the college.

As a stark contrast to Harvard and Williams, Lane College in Jackson, TN is 100% black non-Hispanic students. They have 1,512 enrolled overall. Their acceptance rate is 33% of the applications that they receive. Another college that has a high number of black students enrolled is Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina where black students make up over 96% of the student body. They have a slightly higher acceptance rate at 47% of applicants accepted.

The college graduation rates for black students are quite low at 42% but that number has been steadily rising. Black women have a higher graduation rate than males do with a 46% graduation rate as compared to the men’s 35%.

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