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Why One Home-school Mom Says Math Doesn’t Need to be Taught

By: Krystle Crossman

Penelope Trunk is a successful home-school mother whose blog is followed by many. She said that she cannot stand teaching math and does not want to do it anymore. She gives the following reasons as to why she thinks that it is not necessary for her to teach her children math:

1. Math is something that you can learn from doing. When you are out shopping you learn how to calculate percentages in order to find out how much of a discount you are going to get on that clearance item. You also use it to find the total of your items that you are buying to make sure that you don’t go over budget. Trunk says that math is like science, you learn as you go.

2. When you find that your child is really good at math you don’t need to focus a ton of time on that subject as they will teach themselves. When they have a brain for math they will be able to figure out problems relatively easily and will need very little guidance.

3. Trunk says that math is basically another way to teach your brain how to learn new things and there are many ways that this can be done. Music is another way to teach your brain. Some people are better at one than the other and there are many that are not good at math, so why make them learn it when they could be expanding their minds with something they are actually good at.

4. Most kids will ask to learn. They want to know how to perform a basic math function and at that point you can teach them the basics. Kids are curious by nature and when they figure out that they want to learn how to add or subtract, they will let you know.

5. Any math beyond the basics is not going to have much bearing on whether you get a job later in life or whether you attend a certain college. Math is something that can be developed after the basics if your child needs to learn more.

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