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Parents, Get Involved; Try Out Common Core With Your Kids

By: Krystle Crossman

Common Core is being implemented in schools across the country and now students are able to test drive the new testing that comes along with Common Core. These standardized tests are slated to come out in the fall at all of the schools that have implemented the Core system of education. Why are they allowing students to test out the testing? They need to make sure that the computer systems in the schools are able to handle the millions of students that will be logging in all at the same time to take the tests when they are released.

The new testing promises that they will stray away from multiple choice answers and include more answers that will invoke thought and creativity. This is another reason why they are allowing the trials for the tests. It is a way for teachers to see if they are keeping that promise and producing more thoughtful questions. They will not be getting rid of multiple choice questions completely but the ones that they will have in the tests will be much harder than picking A, B, C or D as an answer. For example they will have a question that will ask the student to pick out three sentences from the ones listed as answers to the question that would show that a character in a story is upset over something.

There have been some technological glitches since the start of the testing on March 24th but it is nothing that they didn’t expect and all glitches have been promptly taken care of. An NPR representative took one of the tests and said that it did live up to the Common Core promise. At a school in Maryland one of the CEO’s of the PARCC (a group for the Common Core) visited, the students told her that she had done a good job developing the test. The best part is that parents can take the tests that have been released to the public as well to see how their children are being tested.

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