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People With Dyslexia Are Very Creative and So Much More

By: Krystle Crossman

Dyslexia is a tough disorder to have. When you first begin showing signs of it people may think that you do not understand the material or that you aren’t smart enough. Actor Henry Winkler was told that he was stupid when he was a child because of dyslexia. Thoracic surgeon Delos Cosgrove said that he just barely graduated from high school before finding out that he had dyslexia. Dan Malloy who is the future Governor of Connecticut said that a teacher once labeled him as “mentally [email protected]”. None of these people understood the trouble that these three were having was because of dyslexia.

When you are home-schooling you can come up with creative ways that your child can learn without feeling like they are being held back by the dyslexia. It is often hard for them to read books as the letters become jumbled. Math problems almost seem to be impossible. But this does not have anything to do with how smart they are. Most people with dyslexia compensate for areas that they are lagging in by being creative and thinking out of the box. Dr. Cosgrove said that he would have to memorize texts in order to pass medical school. He also said that he feels that with the right support through school having dyslexia can be a gift because you look at the world differently.

There have been movements to try and help those with dyslexia by excusing foreign language requirements in school as well as having extra time on tests. If they feel they are being rushed while testing it is only going to make things work. This is one of the great things about home-schooling a child with dyslexia. They have all the time that they need without feeling like they are holding a class back because they need extra time.

There are many different ways that you can teach your child without having them struggling through reading a text. You can get audio books. You can record lecture notes onto a tape player. You can play games with them that can help them to do math and learn to spell. People with dyslexia learn best by hearing what they need to be learning. Technology is making things easier and easier for people who have dyslexia and helping them to be as successful as they want to be.

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