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Boy With ADHD Convicted of Crime For Recording His Bullies

By: Krystle Crossman

Bullies are everywhere and all too often when a child says they are being bullied, they are ignored. One Pennsylvania teen recorded his bullies to show that he was telling the truth about how bad it had gotten. He suffers from ADHD, and anxiety disorder, and comprehension delay disorder. When it was discovered that he had recorded the bullies, they were not punished. The teen being bullied was convicted of disorderly conduct for wiretapping. How is that for justice?

The student used his iPad and recorded a video of the bullies and how they tormented him. The video was seven minutes long. Two of the students are heard threatening to pull his pants down, another snuck up behind him and made a loud noise in an attempt to scare him. When in front of the judge the 15 year old said that this happens every single day and he never feels like he is being heard when he says something about it so he decided to record it for proof. One of the worst parts is that the school knew that the bullying was happening and did nothing to stop it. He ended up being convicted of disorderly conduct, had to pay a fine, and also had to pay court fees. Fortunately on April 17th, the charges were dropped by the County.

This happens in schools all over the country and yet we wonder why students feel that they have nowhere to turn and eventually end up committing suicide. They don’t feel like they have support or anything who thinks that they are worth helping. Out of the data collected only 4% of teachers actually get involved and stop the bullying out of millions of cases every year. More and more schools are calling police in to handle disciplinary issues that they should be handling. Many times things are taken too far. There was a case where three African American boys were on the sidewalk waiting for the bus and the school called the police and had them charged with disorderly conduct because they were blocking pedestrian traffic.

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2 thoughts on “Boy With ADHD Convicted of Crime For Recording His Bullies

  1. Regina

    I remember in jr. high school, a female student had a rep for robbing students at knife point. This fool actually used a meat cleaver. This girl’s criminal activity went back as far as the third grade and teachers were scare of her.

    She robbed me for $1.00. I called the cops and filed charges. I did not know there was a witness to the crime. She plead guilty and yet she kept harassing me.

    My mother called her probation officer and the probation officer said, I don’t know why she does not like your daughter. My father told the probation officer, if I ever hear that animal look in my daughter’s direction, I will blow her off the face of the earth and don’t let me get on your case as well. My mother told the probation officer, that she will arrive at the school with a switch, place that girl’s head between her knees and tear her a$$ up. I was not afraid to fight her, but she would always pick a fight with her cleaver.

    She never bothered me again.

    My parents not only purchased new school clothes for me every year, my mother made some outfits and went to garage sales and thrift stores and purchased my clothes. I did not have to wear the same outfit twice in three months. My mother starched and ironed my clothes. My father made sure I had new clothes and shoes when school started.

    The girl was supposedly jealous because her mother did not do the same.

    My heart goes out to this child. The judge and school need to be put where cat puts schytt and it ain’t in the litter box.


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