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Home-schooling Mom Shares What Scares Her About Home-schooling

By: Krystle Crossman

Diana Stone is a home-school mother. She says that she is mostly happy and excited about the decision that they made. There are times when she is scared about home-school and fears that her children are not benefiting from being schooled at home. Here are some of her biggest fears that she has dealt with:

1. Are they going to be “that” kid…the one who is home-schooled and therefore deemed strange to other kids? Unfortunately children do not understand and can be very judgmental and cruel.

2. Am I home-schooling her for my own personal reasons? Ask yourself why you are choosing to teach your child at home and see if the benefits outweigh what they can get at a regular school.

3. Is my child getting too much one on one interaction? Possibly but if you help your child to learn how to solve problems they will become independent.

4. Is the child going to have enough socialization? This is a common fear for home-school parents or parents that are thinking about home-schooling. There are plenty of home-school support groups which go on group activities and outings with other home-schooled kids.

5. Am I going to be able to balance everything in my life? Between working, sleeping, housework, and paying bills are you sure that you will have enough time to truly invest yourself in teaching.

6. Are they going to be lonely? At first they may feel lonely but as time goes on and you join more support groups with other kids they will have plenty of friends.

7. Am I just keeping them home because I don’t want to miss out on this time in their lives. If this is the only reason that you are keeping them at home it may be time to let them spread their wings and fly.

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