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“Black Males Don’t Go to College” and Other Lies We Shouldn’t Be Telling Young Black Men

By: Krystle Crossman

Long Island teen Kwasi Enin accomplished something that few have before. He was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. Unfortunately this great accomplishment was overshadowed by people who chose to be bitter about his acceptance and said that he had gamed the system into getting him accepted to all of these colleges. How was he gaming the system? Some believe that this minority is insisting it is because he is black. Here are some other lies that are told that make black males believe that they don’t have a shot at greatness due to the racism that is all around us.

1. More black males are in prison than college: A professor from Howard University conducted a study and found that this was false. There were 600,000 more black male students in college than there were in the prison system.

2. If you are academically excelling you are acting “white”: Many black males are lead to believe that if they are doing well in their academic studies it makes them less black which of course is not true.

3. Black students underachieve: Some of the most brilliant minds in the country are African-American. This is a racial stereotype that is thrown around far too often.

4. Black students who are in athletics graduate more than non-athletic students do: Only 50% of black male athletes graduate within six years of starting college. 55% of black students overall graduate.

5. Barely half of black males graduate from high school: Actually, the dropout rate is one of the lowest that it has been in a long time. Currently there are 62% of black males that graduate from high school.

6. Black students are treated equally among their peers: Studies have shown that black students are punished for more often than their white counterparts while they are in school. They get more detentions and more suspensions.

7. Black men don’t go to college: This is one of the biggest and most hurtful lies that a black male could hear. It could cause confidence issues and make them feel like trying for college is too out of reach and so they do not try their hardest to get there.

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