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Principal Sorry After Angering Parents With Flyer Saying “Don’t Tell on bullies”

By: Krystle Crossman

Parents in Lincoln, Nebraska are outraged at a local principal. A flier was sent home with students in the fifth grade at Zeman Elementary that said that one of the rules at school is that they shouldn’t tell on bullies. Some of the parents took to the Facebook page of the school and expressed their displeasure at the message that the flier sent to the kids. The principal of the school, Donna Williams, sent an apology to all of the parents and said that the wording was wrong on the flier.

Williams stated that they had the best intentions in mind when they sent the flier home, but that one rule was something that didn’t reflect what the school was about and what their best practices against bullying were. Russ Uhing who is the district student services director said that the policy for the Lincoln Public School system is: “Ask the bully to stop. Walk away. If the bullying continues, tell a parent or teacher.” The flier tells students a story that is very different from that policy.

When reading the rules for the school parents and students found that it stated that they should not tell on the bullies because that is the number one reasons that bullies hate their victims. It goes on to say that the bully will want to retaliate if they are told on and that an adult should only be told about the bullying if a crime or injury has happened. This flier was not approved to be sent out for publication according to the district spokeswoman Mary Kay Roth. She stated that they were working on getting the correct flier sent out with the students soon.

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