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Do Tough Teachers Get The Best Results?

By Nigel Boys

According to Joanne Lipman, it’s about time that the U.S. school system got back to the old fashioned teaching methods with teachers who are tough, strict and thorough because the new system doesn’t seem to be working, as the country trails behind several other nations.

The former managing editor of The Wall Street Journal goes on to write that she grew up with a very strict teacher who would rather shout at his students than give them praise. Even so, most of those taught by him turned out to be successful in life.

Here are some of the reasons Lipman believes we should return to the old school system:

1. The tougher the teacher, the better the students.

According to a Harvard Business Review, when asked about their choices of teachers while studying, tough, unsentimental teachers who drove them to higher performances were chosen by those who went on to become the most successful.

2. Memorization is still one of the most effective methods of learning.

According to Lipman, maybe one of the reasons that U.S. students lag behind other country’s, especially in math, is because we have given up drilling our children in things like times tables.

3. Better to have a strict teacher than an overly polite one.

According to a 5-year study led by Mary Poplin, education professor at Claremont Graduate University, covering the worst schools in Los Angeles, the strictest teachers always came out on top when it came to getting their students to perform better in test scores.

4. Geniuses can be created.

According to Robert W. Weisberg, psychology professor at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, geniuses are not born, they are made.

Weisberg went on to say “You have to immerse yourself in a discipline before you create in that discipline.” He added that practice makes perfect and that is what it takes to become a genius.

5. Discipline and pressure are more effective than praise.

According to a study from the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, the more stressful situations that a student is placed under, the more they become used to dealing with stress, which they might encounter in everyday life.

Lipman goes on to write that strict teachers are a necessity for students to be able to develop their full potential, because they believe that the student can do better and push them to do so.

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