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Are Home-schoolers Under Attack?

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling is becoming increasingly popular all over the U.S. Parents are choosing to keep their children at home for many reasons which include wanting to spend more time with their children, they don’t like the material that is being taught, and they want to keep the government out of their child’s education. Now the government in Florida is trying to step in and take away home-schooling, at least for one family.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is trying to help a family in Florida who was home-schooling their children but a guardian ad-litum and a judge ordered the children to go back to public school after a battle over visitation. Both of the parents who are divorced wanted to educate their children at home because they wanted to raise them with Catholic beliefs. The guardian that was appointed to oversee the best interests for the children said that although the children were doing well academically she felt that it was in their best interest to go to public school so they could have socialization. During a hearing in front of a judge she used the mother’s “ultra-Catholic” beliefs to make her case. The judge agreed and the students were sent back to public school.

It was obvious that the judge was someone who was not completely educated on all of the great things that can come from home-schooling and believed a lot of the stigmas as he was berating the mother in the hearing. He scolded her for not allowing them to be around other children. He also asked “Is home-school going to continue through college and/or professional schooling?” He told her that it was in the children’s best interest to not be kept away from interacting with other children. The HSLDA filed an argument that they should be able to continue to educate their children at home and that there is plenty of evidence that the mother could bring to the judge that proves that children who are home-schooled are just as socialized as other children.

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