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School Publicly Shames Students For Failing Tests

By Nigel Boys

According to some of the students and parents of children who are attending schools in the Spring Independent School District, Harris County, Texas, the officials of the schools are trying to embarrass students. The students who get embarrassed are the ones who don’t obtain passing grades. The schools humiliate the students by letting everyone know of their failure, reports My Fox Houston.

Reportedly the DeKaney High School, which is part of the Spring ISD, based in the Gordon M. Anderson Leadership Center, put up a full list of students who failed this year’s test in the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).

According to one of the mothers of a student at DeKaney, the school district has no right to publicly embarrass students in this fashion, because they should know what kind of emotional stress that would put on the failing students.

The mother, who did not want to be named for fear of causing further embarrassment to her daughter, because she is on the failure list, continued that the school showed a marked lack of respect to place the list in such a prominent place, right near the school’s auditorium.

The distraught mother continued “it actually outrages me…that even if it was a lapse in judgment on a person who found it necessary to post this that no one else came forward and identified how harmful this could be to those students.” She added that a more respectful way to let students know where to go to retake the exam, if they failed, would have been to use their student ID, instead of their full names.

However, Spring ISD, do not believe that they have done anything wrong in posting the results of the TAKS test for all to see and were only following standard procedures to inform students when and where to retake the test.

In a statement, Spring ISD said that they followed standard protocol when posting the results of the test and it was never their intention to cause embarrassment or shame. It continued that Spring ISD had not violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act by posting the results in a prominent place.

However, Gabrielle Culling, a student at DeKaney, said that she believed that posting results of their failure in this manner, would make those students feel rather embarrassed to face up to their friends and make them think that they were not as smart as those who successfully passed the TAKS.

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