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Can Happiness Be Taught?

By: Krystle Crossman

The Greater Good Science Center which is located at the University of California Berkeley has come up with a course that tens of thousands of people are rushing to sign up for. It is a class that teaches you all about being happy and living your life to its fullest potential. There are thousands of books that will try to tell you how you should be living your life to be completely happy but many of them have inaccurate information.

The GGSC is a group that is trying to bring more compassion to our society. They focus on the well-being of those around us and try to help us be more resilient. Psychology professor at UC Berkeley,Dacher Kelter, says that the wait list for his happiness class great to a list of over 400 people. The class currently allows 200 enrollees. In order to accommodate everyone that wants to take the class they are preparing to make it a massive online open course. This will allow people from all over the country to enroll with no waiting list. The class will focus on positive psychology.

Kelter says that the course is going to focus on socially conscious things that people can do to make their lives better and will lead them to be happier in life. The GGSC says that social responsibility and doing things in life that serve a higher purpose than yourself is the way to true happiness. When you are making other people’s lives happier, you in turn will be a happier person too.

The class will be on the UC Berkeley online platform. They have had 30,000 sign up already and they say that they are expecting at least 100,000 by the time the enrollment period is done. The class is being held free of charge to all.

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One thought on “Can Happiness Be Taught?

  1. will Davis

    Teaching happiness is no different that reading inspirational quotes or scriptures. Happiness is within, it cant be purchased (shopping, exotic vacationtion, serial dating, etc). First seek to know who you have become then start loving on yourself. This is the path to infinite happiness, love, peace, kindness and knowledge. Try this and save your hard earned money.


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