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Obama To Put an End To Unprepared Teachers Walking Into Classrooms

By; Krystle Crossman

A new initiative concerning the readiness of teachers entering the classroom has been put in motion by President Barack Obama. He is having the education system reevaluate the training that the teachers are getting as many are entering classrooms very unprepared for what they are about to do. This can be a huge detriment to a student’s education.

The White House is looking to spend the summer setting up better programs that will prepare new teachers for their careers. They are hoping to implement rules for the education system by next year. When a teacher is underprepared due to poor training they become frustrated easily and their students are the ones who will end up suffering. It isn’t fair to those students to have a teacher that is not prepared and it is not fair to the teachers either states Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Duncan says that most universities will look at their education degrees as money makers because they have high enrollment numbers and are relatively low cost to run. The problem becomes that these “money making” programs are not given the attention that they deserve and it often ends in poor preparation for the upcoming teachers. They end up having no idea what they are about to experience in a real classroom and it can be very overwhelming.

The National Council on Teacher Quality group did a review in 2013 on over 1,100 colleges and universities and found that 93% of the programs did not put those who were studying to become teachers with teachers that were highly skilled while doing in-class training. They also found that 23% of the programs were training the teachers the appropriate skills to teach effectively in a classroom. That is not a very high number of prepared teachers entering the field.

This new initiative comes after a report that two thirds of the teachers out in the field said that they did not feel that their education prepared them for the job they were doing.

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3 thoughts on “Obama To Put an End To Unprepared Teachers Walking Into Classrooms

  1. A. G.

    Someone needs to put an end to it! Teachers used to care about their students, not anymore, public schools are getting the lowest of the low when it comes to teachers, they are teaching due to their inability to do anything else. In order to keep their jobs, they should be tested each year.

    • Michelle Christiani

      You need to spend a day in a teacher’s classroom. One size does not fit all, and that is exactly what is going on in education. I am a Special Ed. Teacher…and learning begins at home. We need to step back, and look into the home environment and see what kind of supports are in place for these students, before the fingers are pointed. I agree that they are some ineffective teachers just like in any other profession; but we are over -worked, and under-paid, yet not given the recognition we deserve. Too many distractions for our students at home: I teach Emotional Behavioral Disturbed students: ( students that have mental problems) and believe it or not, parents would expose their children to violent video games…Parents are just not ready to effectively parent their students, hence teachers are faced with behavioral and educational issues.

  2. aleximaq

    Get rid of’em ‘specially the ones giving out wack azz lap dances! LOL I kid I Kid….but seriously, I can not stand to walk into my son’s school and one of his teachers looks like she’s in middle school. I think all new teachers should start out on the elementary level then gradually move their way up.


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