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Biased Parents? Boys Get Bigger Allowances Than Their Sisters

By Nigel Boys

Maybe one of the reasons boys believe that they will earn more money than their female counterparts when they start work is because they are more likely to receive allowances from their parents while still young, according to a new survey from Junior Achievement USA (JA USA) and The Allstate Foundation.

According to the study, while only 35% of teenage girls believe that they will make over $35,000 on their first job, over 43% of boys said they thought they would.

This difference may be caused by the fact that there are 12% more parents, 67%, who are willing to give allowances to their sons, when compared to only 59% who give to their daughters, according to 1,234 youths aged between 8 and 18 who participated in the study.

Whatever the reason parents are more likely to give to their sons than their daughters it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with academic achievement or desire to further their education, because 91% of the girls who participated in the study said they planned to go to college, while only 86% of the boys said the same.

However, the girls don’t appear to be resentful of the fact that their male counterparts might receive allowances from their parents while they don’t, because 79% of the girls said that they planned to pay for their higher education by their own means, grants or by studying hard to obtain scholarships.

Comparatively, only 66% of the boys interviewed said the same, maybe because they are relying more on allowances from their parents.

The study also shows that girls appear to have put more thought into the cost of college, because while only 30% of boys said they were planning to go to colleges nearer home, 40% of girls said that they would cut down on college costs by this means.

Even the experts can’t agree on why parents tend to give more allowances to their male children.

According to Dr. Joshua Rosenthal, a Child and Adolescent Psychologist from New York, boys tend to think more in terms of money, while girls tend to focus on friendships or social status.

However, Dr. Laurie Zelinger, School Psychologist with the Oceanside, NY Public Schools, believes that boys tend to do more chores at home and that is why they receive more allowance from their parents, while girls tend to do other things outside the home to earn money, like babysitting.

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