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Study Says Eating Drumsticks Makes Kids More Aggressive?

By: Krystle Crossman

Almost everyone has had that night when you were a kid when your parents brought chicken home for dinner from a local place like KFC. You would happily indulge in a few drumsticks and lick your fingers clean when you are done. Now research is showing that eating the drumsticks may make children more aggressive and defiant.

A study conducted at Cornell University looked at the connection between eating chicken off of the bone and how aggressive children were. They found that the act of biting the chicken off of the bone instead of eating boneless pieces caused children to be twice as likely to act aggressively towards their parents and other children. They also found that children were more likely to disobey their parents as well.

Dr. Brian Russell is a clinical psychologist. He weighed in on what he thought about the study and the results. He said that at first he really didn’t think much of the study and thought that it would be irrelevant. He states that humans have been eating food this way since before we can remember and he does not think that it has any bearing on how we behave when eating those foods now. The researchers from the study recommended that parents watch when they are letting their child have chicken that is still on the bone. They warned that they shouldn’t be eating it close to bedtime or when they have dinner guests over as they may act out in front of the guests or may be defiant about going to bed. Dr. Russell states that parents really have nothing to worry about and that they do not need to stress about when to feed their children chicken that is still on the bone.

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