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How Early Can a Home-schooler Start College?

By: Krystle Crossman

The average age of a college freshman is around 18 years. But there are some students that excel academically and want to start attending college early. Parents of these gifted students ask writers at the Home School College Counselor site about how early is too early for them to be enrolling their children into college.

First parents need to be aware of just how early someone can be accepted into a college program. Some schools have a minimum age requirement, but not all of them. If your child has the scores and grades to be able to graduate high school early they can get into college.

Even if your child is extremely gifted it does not mean that he or she should be signed up for college right away. College is meant for those who are matured enough to be able to handle the heavy schedules and the hard work. Some students who are very young may have the academic skills to compete in the college world but they may lack the maturity that it takes to handle the pressures of higher learning.

According to statistics children who are under the age of 16 rarely have a chance of making it through their first year of college because of a lack of maturity. They aren’t ready to live in a dorm with a group of others. They are not used to having to get their own meals because their parents are not around anymore. It is not recommended that they go to college any earlier than 16 due to all of the life-shaping experiences that they can have during their four years of high school. There are many interpersonal skills that they can learn from their peers that are necessary when it is time to live on their own.

Of course every child is different so who is to say that your child is not ready? You know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and can tell how prepared they are to enter the real world.

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