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Is Taking the GED a Good Idea For Home-schoolers?

By: Krystle Crossman

A common question that parents of home-schooled children ask is whether their child should take the GED or not. This is a controversial question as many colleges and universities look at a GED and assume that it means that the student dropped out of high school for some reason, even if that is not the case at all. They have a bias against a student that received a GED so it puts the student in a tough position.

Children who are home-schooled are some of the smartest students out there and if you do not wish to have your child lumped into the bias that so many colleges and universities have, do not have your child take the GED test. The colleges will take it to mean that they did not perform well academically, they didn’t care about schooling, or they dropped out for one reason or another. Most of the time they do not look to see if the child was home-schooled or not. The acronym GED is an instant red flag for many.

Make sure that while you are home-schooling your child you keep accurate transcripts of every course that they complete and keep very accurate records so that you have something to show for all of the hours that you spend teaching them. Some colleges will not ask for a diploma if they see that these records have been kept properly. If they do however there are websites such as Home School Diploma where you can get custom made certificates and diplomas for your child.

There are some schools in the country that will request that the student take a GED test before they will consider accepting them into the school because they have a bias against home-schooling. If you find that this happens to you it is best to find another college or university.

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