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FLOTUS Kick Starts Education Initiative in Texas

By: Krystle Crossman

First lady Michelle Obama made a visit to San Antonio this week in an effort to get kids motivated to take their education to the next level and head to college after high school. She spoke to a large group of 2,100 high school students and said that the United States once had the most college graduates out of any other country in the world. Now the U.S. is 12th overall.

The initiative that Mrs. Obama I telling the students about is called “Reach Higher”. While speaking at the College Signing Day she had all of the students that were attending the seminar raise their right hands and recite a pledge. This pledge was that the students would enroll in college, they would persevere through their college years, and then they would make a commitment to graduate. Mayor Juan Castro created College Signing Day to help student strive to graduate from high school and then go on to enroll in college. There are 38 high schools from around the San Antonio area that are a part of this event. Castro tells the students that they are role models for all of the younger people in the community and wants them to live to their full potential.

Mrs. Obama was wearing a Princeton sweatshirt while she attended the event. During her speech she said that parents should read more to their younger children. She urged businesses locally to offer more summer jobs for those in college. She also asked for more scholarships for students so everyone has a chance to attend college. Castro states that he is setting a goal of at least 80% of the high school graduates enroll in a college and then graduate.

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One thought on “FLOTUS Kick Starts Education Initiative in Texas

  1. Regina

    These are hollow words. Given the ongoing education system in Texas. School children are lucky to stay in school and advance to the next grade.

    There’s too much testing that is ongoing and not enough teaching.. With Dan Patrick changing on how textbooks are being written, there is not one hint of truth in the history books.

    This is a lost state.


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