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Over 60 High School Students Arrested After Prank Goes Wrong

By: Krystle Crossman

A high school prank ended with the arrest of 62 students in Teaneck, NJ. Police officers had been called to Teaneck High School because of an alarm that had been triggered. When they arrived they saw students through the windows. Upon entry of the high school they found a senior prank that had caused extreme destruction to the school.

The students that entered the building had urinated in the halls. They had taped hot dogs to all of the lockers. The doorknobs all over the building were greased with petroleum jelly. The officers also found desks and chairs tipped over in the classrooms. There was graffiti all over the walls. Balloons were strewn about through the entire building. Silly string had been sprayed everywhere. The officers had to call in officers from multiple towns nearby as well as county law enforcement to help with the large number of students that had broken in to the high school.

The officers went room by room with the police dogs to round up all of the students that they could find. They believe that they arrested the majority of the students that had broken in but a few may have gotten away. The students normally pull senior pranks but they are usually not this involved and they are not as serious. The officers said that some of the students that were being arrested were laughing about the matter and did not seem to realize the severity of what they had done. Others were scared that the police had been called.

There were 24 of the 62 students arrested that were over the age of 18. They were charged with burglary and criminal mischief. The other 38 students are all juveniles and they were returned to their parents. The district is considering punishment for all of the students as well.

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2 thoughts on “Over 60 High School Students Arrested After Prank Goes Wrong

  1. ericaf

    Just stupid. Kids today don’t seem to realize that it only takes one mistake to mess up your life and jeopardize your future. Now parents have to find money to pay for their messes and the over eighteen can get a record. Just plain stupid.


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