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Comedian Knocks Common Core and Standardized Tests On Letterman

By: Krystle Crossman

Comedian Louis C.K. has some words about Common Core and none of them are good. He is just one of the many parents who are concerned about the Common Core initiative and standardized testing. He sent out a message on Twitter recently that stated, “My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!”

C.K. is very outspoken about the math questions that are coming home with his children. One of his children is in the third grade and is getting questions on their homework that even parents are having a hard time answering. Other Anti-Common Core supporters are applauding C.K. for his views on the standardized testing and say that he is just what the parents and teachers who are battling against the Common Core need. There are two teachers in NYC who are boycotting the Common Core and taking a stand for their students.

During an interview with David Lettermen on his show, C.K. used some of his interview time to voice his opinions again on the standardized testing. He says that he feels that these tests were rushed in being implemented into the New York school system. While he was speaking he had mentioned that his children were in the middle of three straight days of standardized testing. He explained how it was high-pressure for the students.

Louis C.K. is not the first celebrity who is against the Common Core and most likely will not be the last. There are 40 states that have adopted this new initiative and so far it has been a rocky start. Parents are worried because they cannot help their children with the confusing homework. Teachers are worried that all they are doing is teaching only what is going to be on the tests and nothing else. Students are under more stress because of the testing.

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2 thoughts on “Comedian Knocks Common Core and Standardized Tests On Letterman

  1. A. G.

    The only thing they have done is caused confusion among the kids and left the parents out in the cold. It has already been proven that testing does not declare a child ready for the next grade nor college. Years ago when they had the 3 r’s and did regular testing on these subjects, the kids were much smarter than the children of today! They keep changing the way it is done and just like math it still comes out that 1 + 1 = 2, no matter how you calculate it, so why the hell change it??

  2. Regina

    Bring back the Iowa’s. Standard testing is a fraudulent scam. Teachers are not teaching what the children need to know because of the Bullschytt No Child Left Behind scamming mentality.

    Teachers need to teach the three r’s and the bogus school board and the federal government need to bu-t-t out of the teachers/students/parents business.


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