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NJ Businessman Builds Schools, Funds Water and other projects In Africa

By Nigel Boys

While most people tend to concentrate on their own problems and forget about those less fortunate than them around the world, others, like Don Felder, remember the underprivileged. Felder thinks about people in areas like Ghana, West Africa and helps them by building schools and providing water sources for them.

The wealthy African-American businessman who hails from New Jersey has also been giving some students in Ghana scholarships, so that they may better their lives and realize their dreams.

One of those fortunate enough to benefit from the generous businessman is Mary Sassa, a 28-year-old student from a remote village in Ghana called Obodan, who despite lack of financial resources, remarkably graduated from high school.

Sassa is now well on the way to obtaining her master’s degree in human resources and is due to graduate next July, due to the help and kindness of Felder.

According to Sassa, not one of her girlfriends has graduated from high school where she is from and the main reason for this is lack of finance and preferential treatment to their brothers.

Sassa continues that many girls have dreams of bettering their future, but their families lack the resources to do anything to help them. They have to stay at home and help on the family farm, while their brothers are the ones to go to school with the family’s limited resources, she adds.

The fortunate human resources student was first in her class at Diaspora Girls’ Senior High School, Obodan, which was built with the help of local officials and a generous donation of $30,000 from Felder. He has also contributed thousands of dollars to improving water supply throughout the region and various other projects.

The generous New Jersey businessman has obviously had a good impression on his children, because, on her 16th birthday, his daughter asked her parents and family to forget her own birthday presents and give funds to help these underprivileged children in Ghana go to college.

Felder’s generosity, along with that of his wife, Denise, has also extended to other areas in Ghana. They gave $20,000 to build and furnish a library in Anyako and have paid for several water wells to be dug in an around the surrounding areas.

Felder’s giving should be an example to us all and should stand as a reminder when we are feeling down, that there are always those worse off than we are.

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