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Home-school Lawyer Puts Overzealous Social-Worker in Her Place

By Nigel Boys

Social workers are supposed to be there to protect the rights of children from abuse, but quite often they overstep the mark and go above their own power and put innocent parents and children at risk.

However, one such social worker in Springfield, Missouri, trying to overstep the bounds of their authority, was put into their place by a homeschooling father and the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

The concerned father, who remains anonymous, was unhappy with some aspect of his daughter’s schooling in the Springfield public school where she was attending, so he opted to pull her out of school and continue her education at home.

However, a nosey official decided that there might be some suspicious reason that the concerned father had removed his daughter from public school and insisted that he file a “declaration of enrollment.” The father promptly declined to file the form because he knew it was not obligatory for him to do so.

Obviously the public school official was not satisfied that the parent was quite within his rights to refuse their request, so they informed a social worker that something may be amiss at his home, with regards to the treatment of his daughter.

Following the best interest of the child, supposedly, the social worker turned up at the family’s home and demanded to question his daughter and examine her surroundings. The concerned father denied the social worker access to his home and daughter and informed the HSLDA of the situation.

Immediately the HSLDA came to the aid of the harassed parent and Scott A. Woodruff, Senior Counsel, wrote a letter to the social worker concerned.

The letter explained to the social worker, in no uncertain terms, that the father was quite within his rights to refuse entry to his home and access to his daughter, because Missouri statutes allowed only prosecuting attorneys and juvenile officers to investigate issues regarding children who are homeschooled.

Woodruff also suggested that the social worker was overstepping the bounds of their authority because they were supposed to report to the local school superintendent cases regarding homeschooled children, as set out in the “Guidelines for Mandated Reporters,” a publication from the Children’s Division.

Properly chastised, the social worker has not been in touch with the concerned father who was only looking after the best interests of his daughter in the first place.

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One thought on “Home-school Lawyer Puts Overzealous Social-Worker in Her Place

  1. Redbone

    I am so profoundly excited that parents especially African Americans are removing their children from the public school “SYSTEMS”, (NOTICE I SAID “SYSTEMS”), because that’s all it really is… a way and another doorway for the white racist sector to put their hands on our children’s mind soul and body while they are very very young and impressionable to begin their break-down process of the African American society.

    Black America be warned: Trouble is on its way, so take the time to read and investigate your rights to the fullest… Research every nook and crammy to understand all your rights because: / *believe me when I tell you they are making “EVIL PLANS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” to put a stop to home schooling because now it has become a very very positive lucrative vision and adventure for black people. *(MEANING: They no-longer have first-hands on to mold and shape the fragile minds of our children / aka: OUR NEXT GENERATION….


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