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State Of Public Schools: Teacher Showed Students P0*rn During Class Time

By: Krystle Crossman

A Kansas City teacher got more than he bargained for when he turned on the overhead projector in his biology class at J.C. Harmon High School. As soon as the projector came on a p0rnographic image came up on the screen. It showed a woman who was [email protected] from behind in a very compromising position. Two students in his class were disciplined as a result.

A young girl quickly took her phone out and snapped a shot of the overhead projector with the image before it was shut off. She had sent the photo to her boyfriend. He shared it with a friend after that. From there it took off and the photo went viral. The young girl and her boyfriend were both suspended from school for two days. The reason for the punishment? Inappropriate electronics use in the classroom.

The mother of the boy who was suspended feels that it was not right and that the school is trying to cover something up. She told this to the local news station during an interview. The teacher was placed on a leave with pay while the school looks into the matter. David Smith who is a spokesperson for the Kansas City School District says that the teacher has been working at the school since 2002. He did not state whether the teacher had been disciplined at this point or not.

The two teenagers have attempted to set up meetings with the administrators so that they can try and get their suspensions reversed. They have failed at every attempt that they have made. Do you feel that the teacher should be punished? Should the students have their suspensions reversed?

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