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When Home-schoolers Go Back To Public School

By: Krystle Crossman

Home-schooling is not a permanent thing. Some parents opt to send their kids back to public school at some point. Sometimes they send them back to let their kids experience things such as school dances. Some send them back at their child’s request. Others send their kids back because they have a change in circumstance such as finances or a change in a schedule that does not allow home-schooling.

Jeffrey Koonce wrote a doctoral dissertation on the transition that home-schooled children face when acclimating themselves into the world of public schooling. Koonce says that every child has a different experience when they go to public school for the first time but how well it goes all depends on the parents. The great thing about home-schooling is that parents are able to teach their children important life lessons such as what to do when they get to school and how to socialize.

Koonce’s research showed that children who are home-schooled for religious or moral reasons are less likely to acclimate themselves as well as the students who were home-schooled for academic reasons. The theory is that children who are home-schooled for academic reasons are more focused on their studies and that is why they do better when they get into school.

One of the biggest problems that researchers have found is that students have a hard time dealing with the different cliques that are found in schools. They also have a hard time learning to deal with all of the diverse questions and viewpoints that other students may have.

Parents can help their student get ready for public schools. They can teach them morals and values. They can monitor their progress and make sure that they will be able to keep their academics up. Another great way to help your child is to bring them to the school they would be enrolling in and show them around. This will help them to put their mind at ease.

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