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Imagine if We All Believed in Black Boys

By: Krystle Crossman

Writer Kenneth Braswell told a story of how he met with two different groups of people. He stated that he met with men who were homeless and men who were former prisoners. He said that one of the things that stood out to him about the groups of men that he met with was that they were all dressed well and had a desire to better their lives. He said he never would have known that they were former prisoners or homeless men. He wondered to himself where these men would have ended up in life if they had been told that they were capable of being great? What could they have done with their lives if they thought that they had a chance of being as successful as they could be?

Braswell thought about his own life and what people had told him as he was growing up. He didn’t remember anyone telling him that he could soar either, but he knew that he could. He said that his five year old son loves superheroes and has all kinds of different costumes. He helps his son to believe that he can change the world. He says that somewhere in their lives young boys stop believing that they can do amazing things and no one lets them know that they still can, even if they can’t be a “superhero”.

When boys are young they see these heroes that fight crime and use their superpowers to save the world. They need someone to help them understand that they have superpowers all on their own. If young boys believe that they can go farther and do amazing things they will be able to achieve anything that they set their mind to. Braswell says that he has daughters too and believes that someday they will find a man who has had these beliefs instilled in them.

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One thought on “Imagine if We All Believed in Black Boys

  1. tony a. douglas

    I hear about all types of doctors and various individuals talk about how they think a child should be raised. How there should be no yelling, spankings or punishments. All that is good and well. However, no one speaks about the basic rules (values) of doing so. Which have worked for millions over hundred of years; respect and love are these key factors!!! What we need to accept is that God made people to be different! We are not the same; so what work for one does not work for the other! For God has made us differently. I’m a believer that yelling, spanking, punishing, patience, tolerance, understanding, love and respect is the formula to raising a child! Yet you have to form the combination (s) that actually works for your child or children. Respect is the foundation!!!
    Most problems with children are due to the like of respect!!!


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