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How To Teach Your Kids Forgiveness

By: Krystle Crossman

Forgiveness is a tricky thing. It is hard to forgive someone sometimes and can take a lot of personal sacrifice but it is something that you will want to try and teach your kids about. It is not easy to teach as it is something that to a degree each person must possess the ability to have empathy and forgive, but if you show them how you forgive every day they will be able to learn by example. Here are four ways to help them learn how to forgive someone:

1. Children see how you and your spouse react to each other every single day. They see your fights and they see how forgiving you are of the other person. They can sense when there is tension and they can sense when the tension is over. Be mindful of this and make sure that if you fight in front of them you forgive in front of them as well.

2. Extended family can lead to bitter rivalries and grudges that are held far past their prime. One of the best ways to teach your children about forgiveness is to show them that you can forgive family members no matter how they have wronged you. Your children will pick up that relationships are more important than holding a grudge.

3. Sometimes we get upset with our children. They behave badly or do something that makes us so mad that we have smoke coming out of our ears. This is one of the best times to teach your children about forgiveness. Let them know that even though their actions were not appropriate you forgive them anyway.

4. When you are in social situations such as a sports game with your child and someone like the coach does something that makes your or your child mad, tell them that even though they did something that you may not like, you will forgive him and it will be better the next day.

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